Did you know ? Chinese New Year dishes - Hong Kong A La Carte

7 February 2018

We wrote about Chinese New Year’s traditions last week, now it’s time to discover what we eat during this Festival!

The number of dishes varies between six, eight or ten to bring prosperity. Commonly eaten over Chinese New Year are dumplings. Their Chinese character “jiao” also mean “changing” so they are usually eaten at midnight to symbolise the transition into the new year. Chinese people say that the more dumplings you eat the more money you’ll make, hence the reason there is no shortage of delicious dumplings at everyone’s tables.
Fish is another “must have”. However, only eat the middle part and leave the head and tail for the next day as a sign of abundance and surplus in order to give reason to the Chinese idiom: ” ????” (nian nian you yu) “May every year be full of fish and may there be fish for everyone.”
In addition to these dishes, spring rolls, glutinous rice cake, sweet rice balls, longevity noodles can be served, to name but a few.

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