Hong Kong guided tour a la "Lorànt Deutsch" - Hong Kong A La Carte

14 June 2018

Last week, Hong Kong a la carte was invited to see Paris By Lorànt Deutsch’s show. We were particularly interested by the topic as it depicts a non-conventional tour of Paris. We really enjoyed Lorànt’s guiding techniques, combining anecdotes, facts and humour, and decided to return the invitation so that he and his team could join one of our private guided tours of Hong Kong.


Guiding a passionate historian can be daunting, but Stephanie did a great job by customising her tour to Lorànt’s busy schedule, the erratic weather and by making parallels with some of the show broad lines.

“Thank you for this very enjoyable and instructive tour of Hong Kong, it was top and very well led, we loved it” Lorànt Deutsch’s team.

If you are passionate about history and would like to learn more of Hong Kong’s, join us on one of our bespoke guided tours contact@hkalacarte.com