Hong Kong Photography - Hong Kong A La Carte

16 May 2018

Hong Kong has recently become a photographers paradise where professionals and amateurs share centre stage: from popular locations to hidden corners, it seems that every city wall has been snapped. And judging by the high number of shots uploaded on the web everyday, it is quite a phenomenon!

Who knows, next time you stay at a world famous 5-star hotel chain, you might come across photos that were recently taken by one of our clients?

Commissioned by a hotel chain and looking to optimise her short transit in Hong Kong while flying between Beijing and Zurich, our client chose one of our “photo tours” in order to be escorted throughout the city.
Knowing that it is very important to understand contexts to capture the essence of a photograph, our client was delighted to discover areas where visuals and historic facts could pair up.

Connoisseurs or amateurs, photographers or instagramers, why not let our team guide you to your dream shot.

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