Sporty Hong Kong - Hong Kong A La Carte

17 July 2018

Whether a sports enthusiast or a beginner, Hong Kong is not only a megalopolis made of skyscrapers but also a territory that provides great outdoor opportunities.

Our guides have put together hikes that will please all and enable you to discover breathless panoramas, access to deserted beaches, trails in Feng Shui forests, ghost villages, hidden temples and to uncover mysterious secrets. Available to all levels, in more or less remote areas, we promise a sporty tour off the beaten tracks.

Should you prefer to combine sports and cultural programmes, we can offer cycling in the New Territories, dragon boating, practising Qi Gong or Yoga and many more. Whatever your like is, we will be happy to introduce you to these traditional but nonetheless physical activities. To learn more about our sporty tours, send us a request at