Hong Kong Water 2/2 - Hong Kong A La Carte

12 May 2018

Since water is an important and vast topic, we will tell you a little more about where Hong Kong gets its water from?

With few lakes, rivers and springs, the city had very little choice but to build dams and reservoirs in order to increase water storage in the natural basins Hong Kong’s hilly landscape offered.

But with the ever-growing population, especially in the 1960s, these reserves quickly became insufficient and it was apparent that more water needed to be imported. The city of Dongjiang, in South China now supplies 80% of the local “fresh” water. The deal is based on a pre-defined water usage, whatever the real consumption and cost are. The extra cost (double the real cost) is not passed onto the consumers, hence an ever-increasing wastage.

A few years ago, Hong Kong implemented the use of seawater for sewage. With little success at first, 80% of the dwellings are now equipped with this system.

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