Hong Kong Water 1/2 - Hong Kong A La Carte

2 May 2018

The rainy season is around the corner and we will soon have more water than we wish for. Water is a vast topic, especially in Hong Kong and not only for its Feng Shui aspects. Water is vital to Human life and a primordial resource for agriculture and other industries such as power, textile and paper, chemical or plastic. Water is essential to all for all.

In Hong Kong, water is peculiar as it is fully accessible and very often taken for granted. For example, its consumption per inhabitant is enormous, 20% higher than anywhere else in the world, and this despite the habit of 60% of the population to drink water out of plastic bottles.

This overconsumption remains an aberration especially as the Territory went through water rationing in the 1960s and 1970s. At its worst, water was only available 4 hours over 4 days!

So why this excessive consumption?

The main reason is that the water charge is particularly low and does not reflect its real cost. This does not motivate saving and encourage domestic and industrial waste amongst the city’s infrastructures where leakages are very often not fixed.

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