Royal Shopping in Hong Kong - Hong Kong A La Carte

24 May 2018

Even though it is an all year round hobby, the coming heat waves mean that Hong Kong’s indoor national sport can now start: shopping! Whether amateurs, connoisseurs, locals, visitors, VIPs or royalty we have designed various guiding options to wow them all.


This is the reason we were contacted very early one morning by a VVIP (read a member of a royal family staying at one of Hong Kong’s top hotels) who called us to arrange a same day outing. Without further ado, our guide met with the Princess’ PA and helped organise a last minute itinerary. The tour involved visits to local fashion designers and workshops, and trips to newly exclusive places such as pop-up stores and fancy restaurants spotted on Instagram. Despite the early start and the late finish (when the Princess said she had enough), our guide was able to quickly adapt her itinerary to please her royal customer and include all hoped-for locations, managing a little sightseeing on their way.


Satisfied with her knowledge of Hong Kong and adaptability, she stayed with the royal party 3-days, managing security constraints (itineraries were revealed just before setting off each morning) and last-minute changes such as an unforeseen return helicopter trip to Macau. No matter how challenging clients’ restrictions are, mixing knowledge, entrainment and clients’ satisfactions are always our priority.


If you would like to shop like a princess, contact us, we will treat you like royalty: