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Mission #3

Find me

* All photos must be sent to us using your Whatsapp group

** To earn full points, all team members must feature in the photo

*** One answer per question only

**** Answers cannot be deleted once sent

Action 1

10 points

One has his mouth closed. The other has his mouth open. Both are lucky if you rub their paws.

Name each of them and take a team photo in front of one of them.

Action 2

20 points

There are 73 British era mail boxes left in Hong Kong, 64 in service and 9 on display. The royal insignia of 4 British monarchs are displayed on most of these mail boxes.

Find 1 British era mail box featuring the royal insignia of one British monarch and take a team photo with it.

Action 3

30 points

Believed to have been planted in 1870 as part of the British Military Forces Victoria Barracks, this preserved Banyan Tree is the most expensive in the world.

Find it and take a team photo in front of it.