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2020 Holiday Game

Learn about Hong Kong history & culture while having fun

Holiday Game’s rules

2020 Holiday Game

HONG KONG A LA CARTE (HKALC) has created the Holiday Game 2020 in order for Hong Kong residents to discover Hong Kong’s history and culture while having fun and performing tasks


Teams consist of 2 to 4 people


Holiday Game 2020 will take place from 6 to 26 July 2020 and will cover the entire territory of Hong Kong

Tasks will be scattered weekly over 3 weeks and the last day to submit your answers will be 26 July 2020

Tasks for week 1 will be published on 6 July

Tasks for week 2 will be published on 13 July

Tasks for week 3 will be published on 20 July

The final challenge will be published on 22 July


Register by filling in the Rules and regulations – sign up form and by emailing it to contact@hkalacarte.com

Children under 14 years old will need an adult on their team to participate

Children aged from 14 to 17 years old will need an adult to vouch for their registrations (see registration form)


HK$ 600 per team


Once your signed registration form is received, HKALC will send an invoice to the adult paying for the team

We accept Credit card payments, ATM and HSBC online banking transfers and cheque deposit

Answer submission

  • Once the team’s payment is received, HKALC will create a WhatsApp group dedicated to the team
  • HKALC will communicate tasks, clues and challenges using the WA group
  • Teams will send their answers to their dedicated WA groups. Answers can be sent in no particular order as long as all the answers are received by 26 July 2020
  • Teams will send their answers to their dedicated WA groups mentioning which task they refer to
  • Once answers have been submitted, they cannot be changed or retracted
  • Only one answer per question will be allowed
  • All of the clues/tasks/challenges that require photos to be taken should showcase all team members unless otherwise mentioned. If a team member is missing, the photo will be void
  • All tasks/clues/challenges are straightforward, HKALC will not answer questions
  • All answers will be kept strictly confidential and locked in our safe during the duration of the game
  • All decisions by the judges are final. No exceptions!


A private helicopter tour of Victoria Harbour for 6 people

The winning team will be announced on 30 July

The winning team will be selected according to the quality and correctness of their submission. In the event of a tiebreak situation remaining after the judging process is complete, the team which first completed the game, will be deemed the winner

Rules and regulations

  • Team members will need to stay together while playing. They will not be allowed to split up to “divide” tasks
  • Some of the Holiday Game 2020 tasks might lead you to meeting people who do not know and to visiting  places of worship. It is very important to be kind and respectful, and with that said – always be on guard and stay safe, use your healthy judgment when it comes to people you don’t know and animals you might encounter in the wild
  • NO harassing citizens of your town, physically or verbally for items or photographs. It is their right to choose not to help you and you should respect that
  • Teams must be courteous and respectful to their teammates and all the outside people involved in the Holiday Game 2020
  • No breaking any laws! The Holiday Game 2020 is for having fun, but you must do so legally! If you break any laws during the duration of the Holiday Game 2020, your team will be disqualified. This includes (but is not limited to) – shoplifting, assault, trespassing, blackmail, bribery, forgery, perjury, fraud, etc.!
  • If businesses or private individuals lend you items it’s okay, but please note that it is each team’s responsibility to return any borrowed items to their original owners (if requested)