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Unmask Lantau

Part of our series UNMASK HONG KONG, this post takes a look at Lantau Island’s charms and attractiveness. Known as the biggest and greenest island of Hong Kong, Lantau is also multi faceted and full of surprises. Home to Tan Tian, the tallest sitting Buddha in the world, to the notorious pink dolphins, to Ngong Ping cable car, to many monasteries, a stilt house village nicknamed the Venice of Asia and to heritage buildings, magnificent beaches, one of the biggest airport in the world and numerous hiking trails, the island has definitely become a big hit with local residents and tourists. Here is a snap preview of what you can do and see with us.

Big Buddha

Did you know that before settling down at Po Lin Monastery 27 years ago, Tan Tian, the giant buddha, had travelled a long way? Although the statue was designed in China, it came in small parts and was mounted in Hong Kong at a time when Lantau Island was only accessible by sea. Our guides know all the buddha’s secrets, your turn to unmask them.


Pink dolphins

Last July, Hong Kong residents were worried their beloved pink dolphins might disappear. However, thanks to Covid-19 and its negative impact on tourism, the natural world is slowly recovering and sea creatures are returning to their habitats. Hop on a sampan with one of our guides and pay a little visit to the island’s pink dolphins

Ngong Ping cable car

The 25mn breathtaking ride offers magnificent views of the airport, the lush green sacred hillsides, the HK-Macau Bridge and of Macau and Shenzhen on clear days.  Commentaries are not available while riding the gondolas but a ride with one of our guides will unveil all you need to know and see whilst on this amazing journey.


Did you know that Lantau Island is dubbed the island of prayers? Many monasteries were built on the numerous sacred hillsides and walking there will definitely help you relax. Our guides know the best routes and where remote hideaways can still be found.

Tai O Police Station

The village of Tai O is home to an old marine police station that was converted into a boutique hotel in 2009.  The police was first established In Tai O to combat pirates but took a more social role solving family disputes and arguments between villagers as crime rates declined.  More will be revealed while touring with us.

Tanka (Tai O)

Did you know that Tanka people arrived in Tai O in the 17th century and slowly moved to stilt houses from the 18th century?
Sea nomads travelling on their sampans, the other ethnics considered them outcasts and chased them off.
Some stayed and set up in Tai O on Lantau Island. Their story is fascinating and we promise many anecdotes whilst touring with us:


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