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At the end of 2018, we’ve been honoured to be contacted by Arte to help with 2 episodes of Invitation au Voyage.

Alexandra contributed to the episode dedicated to the Feng Shui in Hong Kong.

Stephanie contributed to the episode dedicated to the Tankas people.

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Alexandra Malandain – our co-founder and Managing Director interviewed by

Alexandra Malandain nous présente Hong Kong a la carte

Madame Figaro made a stopover in Hong Kong and recommands Hong Kong a la Carte services to optimise you stay in Hong Kong.

Le Petit Journal Hong Kong talks about our last big TV project, ‘Silence ça pousse !’

Get behind the scenes !


2017 ended in style for Hong Kong a la Carte, fixing 2 episodes of the popular french show Silence, ca pousse ! in Hong Kong.
We helped the production company with a storyline, shooting logistics (filming authorizations, transportation arrangements, filming schedule) and participants’ recommendations.

The first episode focuses on Hong Kong History and traditions. Stephanie did a brilliant job talking about the territory’s History, traditional Chinese gardens and showing the team around Tai O. This episodes’s synopsis includes:

  • Sally Bunker opens the doors to her workshop where she passionately draws local plants in order to make an inventory of the Hong Kong flora
  • In place of an old shantytown, a traditional Chinese garden has been built. While strolling through the garden, we learn how plants and buildings were chosen and used following Feng Shui principals
  • Herbs and few delicacies form the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Profusely used in Hong Kong, it has nonetheless been “modernized” to cure today’s ailments…
  • With Patrick Blanc, a French celebrity botanist, we discover plants growing on the Peak, not far from the city centre.

The second episode features Stephane, Carole and Patrick Blanc, a French botanist; researcher and the inventor of the vegetable wall (he has built more than 300 walls over the world). They discuss how the local flora cohabits with Hong Kong urbanism (concrete and buildings). This episode’s synopsis includes:

  • Roof top gardening
  • Urban farming at Hysan Place
  • The Hong Kong Park
  • Ying Wa Primary School
  • The Wetland Park

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In November, Hong Kong a la Carte helped M6, a french television channel shoot an episode (50mn) of 66mn Grand Format.

Stephanie, one of the company’s most experienced guide, features in the programme and introduces Hong Kong city contrasts.

You can watch the whole episode here:

If you need a fixer or ideas for a television project, do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to assist you.

Stephanie, a guide, partner and Head of Operations at Hong Kong a la Carte, advises Le Figaro on Hong Kong city tours off of the beaten tracks. But do not worry, she does not forget to mention the classic city tours.

You can read Le Figaro articles about Hong Kong here and here (in French).

In this television show, Stephanie has a short conversation with Laury Thilleman about the ‘most expensive tree in the world’!

To know more about this tree (in French) :

To watch the entire show (in French) :