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Old Colonial Peak

In the late 1890s, Europeans who resided in the City of Victoria gradually moved to places of higher altitude to evade a Bubonic Plague which was spreading from China. Many houses were built to accommodate more and more families who were also finding the heights of Victoria Peak more comfortable and cooler than the City Centre.

Houses were first built on Mount Austin Road, then spread to Chamberlain Road (now known as Peak Road) and all the way down to Middle Gap Road and Mount Cameron Road.

Until 1888, Old Peak Road was the only way up. But sedan chair bearers were relieved from their heavy duties when the tram opened to bring customers to the Peak Hotel (where the Peak Galeria is). The stone shelter still stands. It was originally used to store the sedan chairs but was converted to Peak Café in 1947 and is now called Peak Lookout.

Last Friday, we strolled down the Peak and we were amazed at discovering the quietness of residential Peak. We first visited Matilda Hospital before walking to the Peak’s first School (now converted into a fire station). The old Ho Tung’s mansion, built in 1927 is unfortunately gone.

The walk was very pleasant and took us around Pollock’s Path, Plantation Road, Barker Road and all the way down to Wanchai Gap. It is not far from there that you can still view one of the oldest houses built in Hong Kong: Stonyhurst, built in 1887!

We finished our walk at the top of Magazine Gap Road where a Japanese War Memorial used to stand. The Japanese tower was demolished in 1947 and the spot was used to build beautiful apartments offering breathtaking views of Hong Kong Harbour in 1951. These apartments are inhabited by a friendly ghost.

If you wish to learn more about the old Hong Kong and its history, this walk provides great insights. It is a gentle walk down memory lane and the perfect activity for a family outing. Contact us to receive more information.