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Rural Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its skyscrapers and high-density districts but less so for its countryside. And it’s a pity because it is very much worth the detour.

There is not much happening economically in rural Hong Kong anymore; most of the farming industry has disappeared leading to the desertion of the villages. But the scenery is still amazing and in total contrast with the urban areas.

Many hidden gems can be found in the countryside: tiny villages, which seemed to have resisted modernization, are surrounded by old farmland where banana trees and traditional Chinese vegetables still grow near mango and jackfruit trees.

Wild flowers are blooming displaying an array of bright colors that lit up the bush: purple, pink, orange, yellow, the shades are infinite.

Wildlife is also very much alive and it is not rare to encounter (friendly) water buffaloes, wild boars, monkeys, snakes and an assortment of insects while hiking.

Vestiges of past times such as World War II are also sometimes still visible: old US Jeeps abandoned in the forest, quasi engulfed by growing plants, and hidden tunnels used to fight the Japanese invasion back in 1941 are often found.

Urbanization is moving fast in Hong Kong, jeopardizing its countryside. Magnificent landscapes and breathtaking panoramas are still available to see, but for how long? Only time will tell but do not wait too long if you would like to see rural Hong Kong.

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