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Snake soup

Unlike most of us, it seems Stephanie and Alexandra have not been traumatised by the eyes’ soup in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! While both come from the country where beef’s tongue and frog’s legs are considered delicacies, why not give snake soup a try?


Snake soup is a Chinese dietary meal that is associated with Chinese traditional Medicine just like acupuncture and pharmacopoeia and has been served in Hong Kong for over 100 years. Snake is a warm dish known as “Yang”. It warms and tones the body. The soup « se gang » is eaten in winter, when temperatures are low (i.e. 15 degrees is considered winter in Hong Kong…)


According to the Chinese medicine principles, snake soup reinforces the immune system and boosts blood circulation and improves skin regeneration (this is linked to the snake’s lack of articulations and shedding skin). Not only does the soup have medicinal virtues, it is also waste free and tastes nice.
For the reckless amongst you, why not add a shot of bile, a piece of bladder delicately steamed or a glass of blood? Ideal for Halloween, isn’t it?
It is interesting to note that snake bile is the ancestral Chinese Viagra and that 3 full glasses are needed to reach an optimal effect. In comparison, our traditional beef stew looks quite bland!


If you are tempted by this culinary adventure, Stephanie and Alexandra will be delighted to take you to one of these traditional snake restaurants where water snakes, pythons, cobras, krait snakes are kept … alive

To good health, bon appetite!