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Urban Feng Shui

Some of our guests believe they already know Hong Kong before they arrive. A private tour however always helps rediscover so-called familiar areas and shed light on features that did not seem important. It also helps recreate History and understand superstitions hiding amongst buildings.

Feng Shui is one of these significant elements. Experts will tell you that Hong Kong’s remarkable destiny was not due to Britain and the opium wars but thanks to its optimal geographical configuration.

Urbanism experts and architects, however, believe that this natural predisposition is not enough to maintain prosperity and have gone to much efforts (and money) to ensure buildings and districts are Feng Shui friendly: fountains, artificial ponds, and cascades, plantations, holes in the middle of buildings (despite a loss in the world’s most expensive square footage)…Nothing is left to chance.
If you would like to learn about Feng Shui and fascinating anecdotes, book a private tour with us.

From feuds between HSBC and Bank of China to the new high-speed railway station, you will not look at Hong Kong the same way!!